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Band saw SN 660C

Band saw SN 660C cut lenght 650mm

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  • band-saw-SN660C-breaker

Band saw SN 660C

Model: SN660C-00
Product: Band saw SN 660C

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three phase electric 400V


2.2 kW (3 hp)

Cut height (mm):


Weight (kg):



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Voltage :


Band saw SN 660C cut lenght 650mm

The Breaker band saw is electric and made primarily for professionals. It is powered by a single-phase or three-phase 3 Hp electric motor.

The Breaker SN650C and SN660C band saws are made entirely of steel and are equipped with large flywheels.

Because of their exceptional power and strength, they are able to accurately cut up to a maximum height of 650 mm, Poroton blocks, Poretherm, porous and lightened concrete blocks or wood-cement blocks.

To obtain good results, it is required to always indicate the technical specification of the material to be cut, in order to match the correct type of blade.