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Core drilling machine T1 MU-EL

Core drilling machine

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Core drilling machine for dry and wet works

Model: T1 MU-EL
Product: Core drilling machine T1 MU-EL

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single phase electric 230V


Portable drill

Voltage :



2000 W

Bit connection :


Weight (kg):


Concrete capacity (mm):


Core drilling machine T1 MU-EL

Breaker core drills, designed for the drilling of all the building materials, are indispensable machines on the construction site for: the construction company, the plumber and the thermo technician, the electrician, the installer, the craftsman.

  •  Total protection system for the user and for the drilling machine:

             • electronic overload protection clutch;

             • mechanical clutch;

             • slow start-up and starting limiter, so that the drilling machine can be used on 3 kw domestic systems;

             • P.R.C.D. , portable lifesaver mounted as standard on the cable (not necessary on models for dry use);

  • Using the L 160 / L 180 light columns, available as an option, your hand core drill can be used to all intents and purposes like a stationary core drilling machine, allowing you to drill concretes, including reinforced concrete, stones and any other building stone material in complete safety and ease;
  • Supplied in a sturdy case.

The Breaker hand core drills are available in dry or wet drilling versions.

Where it is not possible to use water, through the use of special core bits and only for some materials, it is possible a dry drilling even with dust extraction.

The wet drilling versions use water to cool the diamond segments and remove the machining residues; working in this way it is able to drill any building material: perforated bricks, gasbeton, poroton, ytong, marble tiles and slabs, blocks of cement, mixed masonry. With the aid of a support it is possible to drill solid bricks, stones and stone materials, concretes and reinforced concrete.