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Double power trowel KD150

For smoothing concrete substrates, medium and large-sized industrial floors

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Double power trowel KD150 with Honda GX390 engine

Model: KD 150-04
Product: Double power trowel KD150

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Engine type:

Honda GX390

Weight (kg):



8.7 (11.7 hp)

Diametro (mm):

1500 (2x750)


Double power trowel

Smoothing machine for concrete

The solution for smoothing concrete surfaces.

For the smoothing of large concrete surfaces, the power trowel machines with operator on board the KD series, with a diameter of 2 x 950 or 2 x 750 mm, stand out for their high production capacity, Convenience and practicality of use. All the controls within reach of the operator, double ergonomic lever, accelerator pedal and clutch for constant torque on the rotors, standard lights for excellent lighting in night sites.

This grader model is supplied complete with finishing blades and smoothing disc.