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Extendable power trowel KX75

Electric grader for granular floors

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Extendable power trowel KX75 with 230V electric single-phase

Model: KX 75-00
Product: Extendable power trowel KX75

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single phase electric 230V


Power trowel

Weight (kg):



0.36 kW (0.5 hp)

Diametro (mm):


Smooting for porous, granular and concrete

We have built the unique KX smoothing machine to meet the needs of some outdoor flooring companies in granular material or porous cements. Its guide handle, placed on a usable modular rudder, allows you to work large areas on sill soft floors, on on which the operator can not walk.

This model of power trowel comes complete circular pan. 
The electric motor with inverter provides the possibility of adjusting the number of revolutions of the disc by means of a potentiometer positioned on the handle and the man-made safety start / stop switch guarantees maximum working safety.