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Floor saw TN500 electric motor

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Model: TN500-0E
Product: Floor saw TN500

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floor saws

Diametro massimo disco (mm):


Max cutting depth (mm):



three phase electric 400V

Weight (kg):



7.5 kW (10 hp)

Floor saw TN500

A wide range of high quality Breaker floor saw machines allows the user to make a perfect choice for any activity he has to do.

The wide range of petrol, diesel or electric engines make possible to choose the model of the Breaker TN floor saw suitable for any job

The compact dimensions give an excellent handiness for medium-sized jobs on roads or concrete floors

The central lifting hook allows an easy lifting of the machine.

The TN range of the Breaker floor saws is perfect for medium-sized road work and maintenance work in general.

Thanks to the compact size, the machines have an excellent working performance and great handling. Ideal for cutting expansion joints and for cutting optical fibers housings.

On request we can supply cutting system with double blade for optical fiber housings.

All the machines are equipped with a parking brake, which allows the machine to be locked on the transport vehicle, even with the mounted diamond blade


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