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Petrol power cutter PG695

Petrol power cutter PG695

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Petrol power cutter PG695

Model: RZ100-210
Product: Petrol power cutter PG695

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Chain saws

Weight (kg):



Cast iron, iron


4.8 kW (6.6 hp)

Max cutting depth (mm):


Petrol power cutter PG695 for cut cast iron tubes and ferrous materials

New era, no limits

When it comes to cutting pipe and other hard materials, ICS® technology is literally changing the way you work. Whether you’re in the water and wastewater industry or road and bridge maintenance, we have a range of solutions that make your job safer, faster, nd easier.

Safety is always a solid investment

Rotational kickback? History. ICS puts safety first, with designs that give you more control, produce zero rotational kickback, and create virtually no debris or dust.

Dig less, work faster

Cut all the way through pipe from one side

Work in trenches and other confined spaces

Submerge in water (hydraulic saws only)

Cut through a wide range of hard materials

Tackle many applications with choice of petrol or hydraulic power

PowerGrit® Pipe Cutting Chain

The only diamond chain specifically designed to cut ductile iron pipe. But that’s not all: ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, clay, HDPE, and Insituform lining.

The PowerGrit method

Increased safety

Greater operational control

No rotational kickback

Less excavation

Single-point access

No dust or flying debris

Submersible (hydraulic saws only)