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Plate compactor BK100

The BK100 vibrating plate compactor Breaker with Lombardini/Kohler 15LD225 engine is ideal for ground and asphalt compaction

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Vibrating plate compactor BK100 with diesel Lombardini/Kohler 15LD225 engine

Model: BK 100-09
Product: Plate compactor BK100

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Unidirectional plate compactors

Equipped with:



3.5 kW (4.8 hp)

Plate dimension (mm):


Engine type:

Lombardini-Kohler 15LD225

Weight (kg):


Weight range (kg):

over 90

Vibrating plate compactor for soil and asphalt

These plate compactors are ideal for compacting medium-large ground surfaces or restoring road surfaces with hot or cold asphalt.

The folding handle allows transportation even with a car.

The accelerator placed on the control handle allows a comfortable and fast regulation of the vibrating power and forward speed.

We want to point out that all the BK series is available only with primary brand professional engines.