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Power trowel KE60

Ideal for smoothing concrete substrates

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Power trowel KE60 with 230V electric single-phase motor

Model: KE 60-01
Product: Power trowel KE60

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single phase electric 230V


Power trowel


2.2 kW (3 hp)

Weight (kg):


Diametro (mm):


Smoothing machine for concrete

Smoothing machines with electric motors, which are free from harmful emissions, are ideal for working indoors.

Using electric motor smoothing machines is simple because the start / stop switch is also the man-present safety system that cuts off the power to the engine if the operator leaves his hand from the driving rudder.

The electric motor does not require maintenance and has no problems with starting, silent and manageable. Available various versions of smoothing machines.

This model comes complete with finishing blade and circular pan.