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Power trowel for wall wire ET60

Ideal for making concrete foundations, for laying wooden floors, linoleum and carpeting

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Power trowel for wall wire ET60 with 400V three-phase motor

Model: ET 424-00
Product: Power trowel for wall wire ET60

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Power trowel


three phase electric 400V


2.2 kW (3 hp)

Weight (kg):


Diametro (mm):


Smoothing machine for flush wall

The ET60 Smoothing Machine available with petrol or electric motors, is the ideal machine for smoothing floor perimeters, corners and small surfaces.The ergonomic design, the folding rudder, the sturdy lifting hook, make it easier for the operator to find the correct working position and transport the machine to the construction site.

This model of power trowel come complete with finishing blade and circular pan.